The word, covenant, connotes a strong connection between those who share common history, experience and values. It is an age-old concept that serves as a foundation for all civilization, and its significance is evident in the Bible stories of Abraham and Moses.

Since those early days, the Jews have accorded wine an important role in spiritual practice, and as such, it merits a special respect. Indeed, the fruit of the vine connects us to our land, history and the longstanding bonds that come with friendship, family and tradition.

Shared cultural heritage and a love of fine wine led to the partnership that gave birth to Covenant Winery. Our wines are sourced from grapes grown in some of the finest vineyards of Northern California. We strive to harness quality commensurate with the rich and profound story of the Jewish people.

All Covenant Wines are made under the supervision of the Orthodox Union and are kosher for Passover.

To see photos from Covenant’s 2011 Harvest, click here.

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