In 2008, six years after producing only red wine, we were able to obtain Chardonnay grapes from the famous Bacigalupi Vineyard in California’s Russian River Valley. (“Lavan” means “white” in Hebrew.) Bacigalupi was part of the blend that won the famous Paris Tasting of 1976, in which California beat the French at their own game and took first place among both whites and reds. Since then, we have experimented with a number of vineyards—all of which have yielded creamy-smooth, lush, yet fresh-tasting white wine. Covenant Chardonnay Lavan is fermented and aged in French oak barrels for 12 to 14 months. The wine is richly textured yet blessed with bright acidity for balance; it’s also layered with lovely pear, fig, citrus, toast and mineral notes. Like most of our wines, it is neither filtered nor fined.