Mevushal Wines

We did not make mevushal wine at Covenant for our first 10 years. But in 2013, a new technique for heating grapes—and not the wine—inspired us to try our hand at making this category. The technique is called flash-détente. It involves quickly heating the grapes right after they are picked at harvest; then cooling them instantly in a vacuum. The red wines take on the color of the grapes immediately. We then rack and press the juice off the skins as we normally do to a finished wine and ferment the grape juice in barrels. Our new mevushal wines are being released this year under two new labels: THE TRIBE, and MENSCH.

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Covenant cabernets are packed in 6-bottle cases. All other wines are packed in 12-bottle cases.

Wine will be sent second-day air outside CA, except where prohibited by law; second-day ground in CA.

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