Although flash pasteurizing a wine may not harm it, it hasn’t traditionally helped it much either. Red wines are especially sensitive to heating, and in extreme cases may develop a burned or rubbery quality during the mevushal process.

For this reason, we have preferred to make Covenant, RED C (and now Landsman too) in the time-honored tradition that encourages non-interventionist methods in the cellar. We believe that gentle handling and slow, relatively cool fermentations are the best way to make a wine of superior quality. Flash-pasteurization has simply not been a part of our protocols. We will continue to make these wines non-mevushal. They are all certified kosher for Passover by the OU.

That said, when a new process called flash-détente became available to us, we were curious. This method does not heat the wine—only the grapes prior to fermentation, when they are not as susceptible to heat altering their flavors. We have now created two new brands—THE TRIBE AND MENSCH—with this new technique, which pushes the envelope on fruit forwardness and early maturation.