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Covenant’s Landsman Wine Club offers members a truly unique wine experience. Wines offered through the club are made exclusively for the Landsman Wine Club. These wines are only available to wine club members. They are not available in retail stores.

We’ve made a small quantity of 2011 Landsman Pinot Noir, Syrah and Zinfandel, grown in four pristine California vineyards—two in Napa Valley, one in Lodi, and one in Mendocino County. The wines will be available beginning in the late fall, starting with delivery of Pinot Noir. The Landsman Zinfandel will be released in the winter; and the Syrah next spring. Each year we will make the same three varietals, which are not part of our current Covenant varietal portfolio. Like Covenant, however, all Landsman wines are non-mevushal and OUP.

In addition to receiving an allocation of these unique and limited wines, Landsman club members will also receive a 15% discount on all Covenant, RED C and Solomon wines (shipping included on case purchases). Members will also be invited to two annual Covenant Landsman winemaker events—one in New York and one in Napa Valley. These events will be offered exclusively to wine club members, and will feature special library selections of Covenant and RED C wines.

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